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ISO9001 Approval Handheld Inkjet Printer 1-12.5mm Print Height Water - Based Ink

ISO9001 Approval Handheld Inkjet Printer 1-12.5mm Print Height Water - Based Ink

    • ISO9001 Approval Handheld Inkjet Printer 1-12.5mm Print Height Water - Based Ink
    • ISO9001 Approval Handheld Inkjet Printer 1-12.5mm Print Height Water - Based Ink
  • ISO9001 Approval Handheld Inkjet Printer 1-12.5mm Print Height Water - Based Ink

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Shanghai
    Brand Name: Yinma
    Certification: ISO9001
    Model Number: YM-H138

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: Carton/Fumigation Wooden/Wooden
    Delivery Time: 5-8 word days
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
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    Detailed Product Description
    Print Height: 1-12.5mm Print Lines: Can Print 2 Lines English Letters; 1 Line Chinese Character
    Warranty Period: 1 Year Printing Direction: You Can Print In Any Direction
    Print Content: Chinese, English, Lot Number,date , QR Code , LOGO Ink Color: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White
    Automatic Spray Print: Date ,time ,batch Number,serial Number Ink Types: Fast-drying Ink, Water-based Ink

    Multifunctional Intelligent Inkjet Printer Operation Manual


    One, boot: press the power button to turn on, at this time the screen will display a boot screen as shown below, the system is starting, please wait 10 seconds to enter the system main menu.


    Two, when the printing system is in the main menu (as shown below):


    ISO9001 Approval Handheld Inkjet Printer 1-12.5mm Print Height Water - Based Ink


    Edit the printed text:


    • Click “Edit” → “Click Text” → “Input” → “Keyboard/Handwriting”, input the text to be printed → “OK” → “OK” → “Print” → “Print”. If you need to edit 2 lines, repeat the above steps. You can adjust the font, font size, and spacing according to the font and size you want to print. Move the information to the upper and middle of the black blank, and do not exceed the black range area, otherwise it will not print. (Note: dot matrix fonts can edit English and numbers and common fonts).


    • If you have saved the U disk, you need to load the mobile device to print the file, please insert the U disk to boot and select the mobile device file name) → “OK” (wait for 3 seconds) → click “Print” → “Print” (Start button change) To stop indicating that it is printing), it is strictly forbidden to remove the ink cartridge during printing.


    Database: Contact customer service online consultation.


    Edit print time:


    • For system time printing: Click “Edit” → “Click Time” → “Input” → “Select the format to be printed according to the situation” → “OK”, → “Print” → “Print”.


    • If you need to spray custom time; click “Edit” → “Click Text” → “Input” → “Keyboard/Handwriting”, enter the time you need to print → “OK” → “OK” → “Print” → “ Printing".


    Edit count function:


    • Click “Edit” → “Click Count” → “Input” → “Customize the number count as needed” → “OK”, → “Print” → “Print”.


    Edit random code function:


    • Click “Edit” → “Click Random” → “Input” → “Uppercase Letter/Lowercase Letter/Number (Customize as needed, up to 16 digits.)”→“OK” → “Print” → “Print” ” (If you need to customize the random code printing, please contact customer service).



    Edit bar-code/ two-dimensional code;


    • Bar code printing: Click “Edit” → “Click Barcode” → “Input” → “Keyboard” → “Enter the barcode content to be printed” → “OK” (click the type to change the size) → “OK” → “ Print “→” “Print”.




    • QR code printer: Click “Edit” → “Click Barcode” → “Input” → “Type” → “2D_QR” → “OK” → “Keyboard” → “Enter the QR code content to be printed” → "OK" → "Type" (clickable type to change size) → "OK" → "OK" → "Print" → "Print".


    Edit picture print:


    • Make sure that the U disk has saved the picture information. After the USB disk is inserted into the usb interface;

    Click “Edit” → “Click Picture” → “Input” → “Open”, select the picture to be printed → “OK” → “OK” → “Print” → “Print”.


    2 (Note: the file name on the U disk is preferably a number). The image print can only print the monochrome bitmap in bmp format. You can use the drawing software that comes with the windows system to open the image. The size of the image is not more than 2000 * 128. , and then save as bmp monochrome bitmap format, storage location should be placed in any directory in the ABC under the image folder in the U disk directory, do not place in other locations.


    3. If you have any questions about image storage, please contact the online customer service.


    Text: Editable fixed file Chinese, numbers, English, symbols, etc.

    Time: You can edit various variable formats for year, month, day, hour, minute, and second. It can also change over time as it changes over time.

    Count: You can edit different change serial numbers 1-9 digits, regular numbers. After the corresponding setting, a value can be added to the existing value for each printing, and the corresponding product can be counted or coded.


    Image: Editable logo, logo LOGO or some other national text special fonts.

    Random: Editable random code -1-16 digits, that is, you can print random numbers, you can carry out anti-counterfeiting, such as a product printing date and a set of random numbers, because this group corresponds to unique when the factory records, you can query and identify True or false.


    Split: Edit the content and select the split to be placed at the position where the branch is printed, so as to extract the split print effect.


    Bar code and QR code: This machine supports the printing of common QR code bar codes. The content can be fixed or variable.


    Three: edit key other functions;


    • Modify: Select the content that needs to be modified, click “Edit” → “Modify” to re-edit as needed.
    • font; select the content that needs to be modified, click "Edit" → "Font" to modify the font size as needed
    • delete; select the heart that needs to be deleted, click "Edit" → "Delete"

    ISO9001 Approval Handheld Inkjet Printer 1-12.5mm Print Height Water - Based Ink


    (edit by keyboard) (edit by handwriting)



    Four: set the key function;


    • Create a new file: Overwrite the original content and re-edit it.





    2, open the file; make sure that the u disk has stored information, open the U disk to save the file, specify the print.

    3, save the file: save the required content, the next time you start printing, it is not easy to lose.


    4, system settings;


    A. System Time> Used to adjust the current system's year, month, day, hour, minute, and second.

    B. Backlight time> Confirm the adjustment of the LCD backlight auto-off time. The allowable range is 6-600 seconds. 0 means never turn off the backlight.


    C. Touch screen correction> When the screen touch is not accurate, you can enter the screen calibration once and enter the + frame on the click screen until it is completed.


    D, permission settings > update system upgrade use, can be ignored! If the system settings are saved, the advanced settings are not checked in the front, indicating that the function is not enabled, you need to enter the password, you can use all the functions of the system, you can also set the permissions for the next boot.


    E, nozzle switching > adjust the ink cartridge left spray / right spray 5, advanced settings: users do not need to use.

    ISO9001 Approval Handheld Inkjet Printer 1-12.5mm Print Height Water - Based Ink


    Five: print button. Printing settings


    1. Direction: Normal printing, upside down, left and right flipping, rotating 180 degrees.

    2, the number: we do not introduce here, generally used to print the cable and other wire occasions, you can see the advanced advanced articles


    3. Synchronizer: The machine can know the speed at which our mobile printer moves on the object, so that the printed text image will not be distorted due to the difference in our moving speed.

    4, delay: according to the distance calculated by the encoder

    5, width: according to the actual effect of printing to adjust


    • Concentration: The depth of the font can be adjusted. The larger the number, the deeper the word, the smaller the number is.

    ISO9001 Approval Handheld Inkjet Printer 1-12.5mm Print Height Water - Based Ink


    Counting function:


    Number of prints: Used to adjust the total number of prints displayed on the main menu.


    Shutdown button:


    Shut down ("Stop printing" → then turn off the power switch).



    Note: Do not insert or remove the ink cartridge while the system is printing. If it is not used for a long time, remove the ink cartridge. The nozzle is placed up.


    Common problem handling: Do not spray the word / writing traces



    1 . Please check if the ink cartridge has ink, whether the ink cartridge is installed properly;

    2. Reload the print file;

    3. Check whether the parameter setting is correct;

    4. See if there is any debris on the surface of the nozzle.

    5. If you have any, please wipe it gently with a tissue paper;

    6. Check if other parameters are correct.

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